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Although it has no overt effect on its victim, the virus alters its reproductive cells, resulting in that every child born of an infected parent, regardless of whether the infected was male or female, will be a diclonius. SCP reproduces by touching a human woman's skin.

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It manages to infect a corrupt Umbrella worker in Resident Evil:

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Third, they aren't adorable hybrids of frog and melon, they are something between a worm, a crustacean and a millipede. A Future Shock in AD had a drunk guy narrating his woes to a barkeeper.

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Porneau uses the black semen! In Forgotten Realms , ancient Phaerimm , aka "thornbacks" aka "spell grubs". The guy objects, and runs for it; uber-wasp chases.

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Come along quietly, and you will live. These horrors have no memory of their Illithid heritage and are just as likely to prey on Mind Flayers as anything else. It was too late to save Professor Xavier, but that's when having an alien girlfriend who owns a cloning tank comes in handy, as well as having enough psychic powers to transfer your mind into the clone. Apparently, it's so sensitive at times that even indirect contact, like a shared toilet seat, is enough to do the trick. The same manga also featured a character who had a colony of leeches living in his tongue which looked like a turtle cloaca, for extra gross-out points.

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