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As he ushered Louis away and back to his tent as all the rest of the nite he so wanted to go back and check on his family. As she withdrew the juice covered cock making it spin backwards coming out and it finally withdrew through her clutching and now sretched wide open lips as her pussy was a fully deep gaping hole now ruint by this damn cock replica. She saw how they eyed them as they were about the camp though no advances by any of them, had been made at all, she damn well was uneasy about it all.

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It was very potent alright and sure made any woman want to fuck anything. Both their pussies were gaped open now as continual flows of juices and boar hog cum poured from them as they lay grunting out sounds of uhhhmmmphhh and their bodies would shudder from head to foot every few seconds as if all the hot cum in their wombs was causing a rather disturbing disturbance in their swollen out bellies.

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As suddenly before Ellen could move or know anything hands reached up from behind the tree and grasp her throwing her against the tree pulling her tightly over the top of it as long leafed green ropes now tied her wrist to the tree she was half over it her ass on the edge her back and head flailing back over the back end of it as her wrist were tied and she tried to scream out only then to have a wad of some jungle leaf stuffed in her mouth like a primal gag ball. As back into the midst of where his Wife Ellen and oldest daughter Marie were still laid out over their carved logs and their moans of both pleasure and pain became louder as both Louis and his youngest daughter Amie were led to the seemingly breeding arena.


The women quickly had both Marie and Allie's hands tied behind them now as their Mom lay there in belly pain from being fucked with that damn humongous ass dildo and cringing in pain yet seeing all this happen she screamed out: Jeff Sessions Says Legal Weed The oldest of them was now nothing more than fully thinking her pussy needed attention and damn fast!!

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